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  1. thank you everyone for the warm welcome back
  2. I have been member here for a while but havent been in here in a while I was doing so well I didnt think I needed it. Boy was I wrong I forgot how much this place helped me get through those bad days. So after much work I am back and am doingalot better than before. for the first time I am realizizng that I am worth the work it takes to heal.
  3. charlotte~ welcome hunny to AS and thank you for posting you story its so brave of you to put it out there i know how hard it can be sometimes
  4. nikki you are absolutly right we will be glad to listen when youre ready sweety take your time weve all been there it took me a really long time to find this place and thank GOD every day that i did
  5. welcome to the group i hope you will find what you need here. it is a wonderful place
  6. welcome hun i hope you can find what your looking for here its a very supportive group they always seem to have the answers to all my questions so im sure they can help with yours too.
  7. good for you Tina it must have taken an incredible amount of courage to do that i couldnt imagine but i hope that it turns out for the good and welcome to AS
  8. shellybelly


    canyon welcome to the group hope you enjoy it and take in all it has to offer its a great place to connect with others who have felt or are feeling the exact same thing you are no matter whta there is always someone here who has been in your shoes and can offer comfort guidance or support to help you get through it
  9. welcome princess always willing to listen anytime you need an ear
  10. hello little lamb and welcome to the group you are truly among friends here actually its closer to a family
  11. joe glad you have joined us it sounds like you will be a valuable member we always need more caring people to help in our jorney of healing and hopefully you may find a little of that yourself.
  12. people just dont see how hurtful a few simple words can really be do they? after reading this thread i came to realize that the sad part is i dont know if they even care what impact those words carry when theyre ringing through your head even though some of mine were said to me years ago alot of yrs ago they still sound so vivid inside my head when i think about them
  13. hi seeply hidden and welcome to the group i hope you some day will be able to open up and I can always use another opinion I like hearing what the people hear have to say I value the opinion of this group greatly and have been given some great advice by the members here.
  14. you are among friends you came to the right place anxiety is in my opinion probably one thing alot of survivors have in common. i know i do get that same feeling you speak of and the more i open up the easier it gets to cope with it doesnt take it away but it does help i hope one day i wont feel it anymore and i hope that for you to. for us all infact. welcome to AS I hope you find what you are looking for I am pretty new here too and have already felt like part of the family the people are absolutly wonderful they seem to know how to answer questions even if you dont exactly know how to ask it. every time i come in here i learn something new.
  15. ive had some pretty lame things said to me in the last 11 yrs to start my stepdads mother " did you ask him to come in your room?" my mother at the time my dad told her what id told him happened " did he actually put it in you or was it just touching i need to know it does make a difference" a friend of my best friends dad " if she didnt dress like that maybe it wouldnt have happened" my grandmother on my moms side she meant well but i think it came out way wrong cause she has always been the one person who did believe me " you cant let this rule your life it was a long time ago you need just let it go" my father " what do you want me to do?" my ex boyfriend first person i ever told " its because youre so hot baby" he was 29 i was 15 a crime in itself but that is a whole nother issue altogether my mom again 2 yrs ago we had an argument and i tried to tell her how i felt " if you go to the police ill just have to tell them youre lying you are grown now and i have to think about your brother and sister they need me and they need his money if theyre gonna get through college" my mom every time i see her to my brother and sister " your sister used to be such a brat she didnt care what she put us through you need to learn from her mistakes" my husband ( i know he loves me and means well but this particular time he screwed up big time) " i feel like its just an excuse for what you did and youre trying to keep me from leaving" thats all i can think of right now
  16. Hi Im new here two and so far everyone has welcomed me with open arms Im glad you found this site and I hope it helps you
  17. haulie thanks for looking out for us it really does mean alot maybe more than you know
  18. yeah he did sign up for his own account i figured it was best because i know how sensitive a subject it is for me and it was hard to even tell him as much as i have and i understand that others feel the same way about an outsider being able to see what they posts he is gonna repost it later when i finally get off the computer LOL
  19. hi guys i let my hubby use my account to post in the secondary survivors thread he needs help understanding what makes me tick why i do the stupid things i do sometimes and if you guys could help him like you have done for me i would be forever grateful
  20. again i thank you all for the warm welcome and greetings im finding myself talking to my husband more and more about this place wich also becomes a great lead in to share my thoughts about what happened to me so i guess even though today was very raw and emotional i cried alot but it felt GOOD when it was out in the open there is still alot more work to be done i know that but i am excited and hopeful for what my future holds its a start at least. my husband expressed his wish for me to find a therapist or counsler of some kind to talk to because he doesnt want this to ruin or take away anymore of my life it has already consumed nearly half my life so far thats all im willing to give it i am DETERMINED this time i will prevail and be strong i just have to find a way to discuss this with my mom because even though i feel like she did me wrong ive never told her and we actually are pretty close and i have teenage siblings to think about as well they do no know about their father and i worry that they might find out the hard way because my mother is still married to him and he lives in the same house i am so worried all the time that he will do this to my sister or eventually my daughter i dont know what to do i am worried all the time
  21. thank you guys so muchi already feel so welcomed here i am really glad i found this place i have a feeling it is exactly what i was looking for
  22. im new to this so i wanted to introduce myself im michelle or shelly whatever floats your boat im starting to come to grips with being molested by my stepfather after 11 yrs of pushing my feelings down and it almost costing me my marriage because i made a stupid mistake due to my inability to deal with certain situations in a rational manner i have decided enough is enough i will not give up my whole life because im to scared to deal with my pain and confusion ive been opening up to the only person i can trust my husband but its really hard for him to comprehend how im feeling. i have some questions but im not sure if know how to word them. or if i even know what they are at this point there is so much stuff floating arround in my head its hard to pull out just one specific thing at a time. even typing this much is a big step for me ive never been able to open up about anything that happened to me as a child. is it normal for a person that was a victim of incest to act out sexually i had some issues with this in my past and never understood why? also is it normal to seek out attention from other men thus this is what situation im in currently i had sent explicit pics of myself to a man i didnt know and still dont know fully why exactly i did it. my husband says if i dont figure outy what is wrong and start to fix it he doesnt know if he can stay with me because i hurt him so badly. i know that i did but i dont know how to fix me. ok ive blabbed too much already. i know thats not a real great introduction but i need some advice i dont even know where to begin
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