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  1. Ugh I know it, especially when you have a very full course load. SO much homework, so many demands outside of class time. No time for myself, sometimes I can get home on the weekends, but it's becoming rarer and rarer. Thankfully my roommate is usually at her boyfriends apartment, or I'm afraid I would go completely off the wall and break things. Hello at all again, and hello ashamed!
  2. Thank you all, If you're interested, I've put my story up in the story section. Didn't feel too comfortable putting any of it here, in the public section. Which I suppose is why there's the whole private forum! Hooray! eh, I'm no good with usernames anyways, might as well use my real one. I like it better anyways; ~Charlotte
  3. Hello all. College kid in Missouri here. Just recently coming to terms with things that happened about a year ago, and I wanted somewhere to talk to people, and here seems kind of perfect. I'll probably be posting over in the story section very shortly, heh... ~Skittles
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