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  1. Thank you all for the welcome and I'm glad to be here. I like that I am not the only male on the boards that is on the journey to recovery. Again thanks for the warm welcomes. Joe "Break the silence, this time it's NOT golden"
  2. How's it going LittleLamb? I've been a member for about an hour and I already feel at home. Hopefully you feel the same way. Stay Strong! Joe "Break the silence, this time it's NOT golden"
  3. Hello Tina Welcome to AS, I hope your court case turns out well. Joe "Break the silence, this time its NOT golden"
  4. My name is Joe and I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I kind of feel awkard at the moment simply because I am a new. I don't recall how I found the website but I saw a video on the internet tonight that really just made me want to do more then just go to my group (SOAR). SOAR stands for Survivors of Abuse in Recovery, at least to the place I go. I've been going for I believe almost 3 years and it has helped me move to certain points in my life. I feel now that it is my turn to somehow do something to help stop the abuse whatever kind it may be. Many times I have heard stories that have just made me wish I was not a man. How people can just joke about it like it is nothing. I hate how people say I understand when they have no idea what its like, but people don't listen and don't care enough to try and imagine what it is like. Tonight my thoughts, love, and prayers go out to all the survivors that have made it. We are all strong to have come this far and I am proud of everyone that has been able to speak when you feel like you can't say a word, as well as, those who have still not come forth. Everyone has your back 100% even though we might not know each other personally. Stay Strong Everybody bc we will all get through this. Joe "Break the Silence, in this case it is NOT golden!"
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