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  1. Hi Gayle welcome..this site has been really great...its scary to deal with all the "stuff" but it helps to know you aren't the only one..it took me awhile to be able to post and ask for support, but when have its been great good luck B
  2. bros123


    Hi Stephanie Welcome...I have been in therapy for about six months and it has literally saved my life. I am not sure how of the best way to find a therapist, I found mine online..through a psych. website and he has worked really well. Also this site has been a huge place for support and realizing you aren't the only one..good luck B
  3. bros123


    Thank you for the welcomes..hopefully I will be able to start posting..I have so much I want to say..buts its scary to get started Anyways..thanks for making me feel welcome
  4. bros123


    Hi Everone, I'm new to the site, been reading post, feel ok to post myself now. I am 39 (40 in a month), and recently began therapy for physical & sexual abuse I endured as a kid. It's been really hard, and its hard to talk about since I don't trust many( only 1) people. I'm hoping to find somewhere I feel safe to talk about stuff I'm feeling, and maybe find some people that are dealing with the same stuff. I guess I'm really looking to see if people actually succesfully get through this stuff and can lead "normal" lives. Its just hard to see a positive ending for me right now. Thanks
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