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  1. Random thoughts

    I am filled with doubts and blame, doubts about how to move on, how to keep going, blame because I still feel as thou it is my fault, and I'm the reason my life is falling apart. I get so lonely sometimes. It doesn't matter if I'm in a room full of people I use to care about, I'm alone. No one wants to listen to me tell them I need help, and why would they? Its just sad stupid things that come out of my mouth at this point. I don't want to feel this way anymore, I just want to be happy, hell I'll even take just being ok. Just not so sad all the time, I tried to find happy things, but nothing makes me happy anymore. Mark still yells and gets angry for no reason. He is always upset with me. Why wouldn't he be? I've managed to screw everything up. I just want to lay down and cry.
  2. i am sorry.

    1. ActivistAlly


      Aw, i am sure you have nothing to be sorry about. What's going on?

  3. please come now, I think Im falling, Im holding on to all I think is safe, it seems I found the road to no where and Im trying to escape - creed

  4. Inside my heart is breaking My make-up may be flaking But my smile still stays on - Queen

  5. need to stay strong

    1. ActivistAlly


      Sitting with you if okay...

  6. there is so much hate in my heart.

  7. New... And A Little Nervous

    Thanks Justonemore, I have found some help info too.. I really do hope that people are nice here...
  8. New... And A Little Nervous

    I just signed up today... wanting to move forward and put everything behind me.. don't really know what else to say..