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  1. Thanks everyone... MGR, I'm in the UK too. At least we do get the therapy for free if only we can survive until they actually get round to it! i was told a counsellor may be an idea in the meantime but they're not really qualified to deal with me. They said it'd be more to get used to talking about things. I think I may go for it, and my partner needs someone to talk to also. It's really because of him I'm back, me sticking my head in the sand is fine for me but he has needs too. Getting through it all seems so hard, though.
  2. Hi All, I was here a while ago but find it hard to talk so I ran away again and pretended I was OK. It didn't work, so here I am! It's time I stopped pretending I don't belong here. On the waiting list for therapy, but it could be another year yet... my relationship may not even survive that long the rate things are going. Hopefully I'll do a bit better at joining in this time.
  3. Hello... I did join last year and posted quite a bit for a while, but the denial kicked in again and I 'forgot' I needed to be here I really do need to be here though. I've just been assessed and referred for therapy, but on the NHS it could take almost 2 years before I even see a therapist. And now I've talked about me in the assessment, I've realised that I'm not OK. It feels good to be back... sort of!
  4. Amelia


    Hi Oranges... Welcome!
  5. Hello and welcome! I'm quite new and this place has been an amazing experience so far. Don't worry about opening up before you're ready, nobody expects anything of you here. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  6. Hi Jen, Welcome! Amelia x
  7. Welcome to AS Claire Bear!
  8. Amelia


    Welcome to AS Sadeyes
  9. ((((((((((((Shelly))))))))))))) Welcome to AS! I'm pretty new here too, it's a wonderful supportive place and I already understand myself a lot more. I've also done a lot of acting out sexually, and a lot of stupid things. I can totally relate to what you've said in your post. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk. I've found talking really helps... I've been crying a lot too, but I'm starting to feel more alive. I've just set the wheels in motion to start therapy. Hope to get to know you better! Amelia
  10. Hi Christy... welcome to AS
  11. Hi Lauren... welcome I'm new and only just starting to call myself a survivor too (very strange feeling). Hope you find what you're looking for here, everyone's really supportive. A
  12. Amelia


    Hello... welcome to AS
  13. My partner told me about Inner Child Therapy the other day, and I thought it was a load of psychobabble cr*p. However, my avatar looks exactly like my 'first day of school' portrait at age 4. So I think she's in there somewhere. I'm not ready for her yet though. I despise her for being so weak. She went back for more, dammit! Just cos she had a new baby sister who took up all of mum's time, and he said she was special... what a needy little b*tch...
  14. Hello and welcome Me, too...
  15. Hi Lauren, Welcome! It's so brave of you to have told someone what happened, and to get help. Braver than me... it started when I was 8 too, and that was 30 years ago, and I'm only just starting to talk about it. I can't tell you how much I admire you! Don't worry about what to post, everyone understands. Take your time. I hope I'll get to know you a lot better. Love, Amelia
  16. Amelia


    Hello and Welcome, Silent I'm new too, just starting to face up to what happened to me. I know what you mean about thinking it's over & in the past, but I'm 38 now and realising that it wasn't something I could just put behind me. You've found a wonderfully supportive place where everyone understands. I look forward to getting to know you
  17. Amelia


    Hi Emily, Welcome! I'm new too, this is a very supportive place. Looking forward to getting to know you
  18. Welcome Nat I'm sorry you needed to come here, but very glad you found us. Everyone here understands how you feel... you've come to the right place. Looking forward to chatting with you.
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