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  1. Yes, and I've done that, but I still miss the group chats, and the simplicity of it........being able to scroll down and see who's there and join in. I just miss it so much. I want to cry.............. and I kind of figured it had something to do with not being able to chat individually anymore, and that makes me so sad, because that is making everyone leave. :cry: Windy Aaww, Windy........know how you feel, hun... but just my two cents worth... I'm often in chat, but for the next week or two I have uni exams which are my #1 priority just now......but will be around more after that
  2. This little gem from my ex: "Why should you care? What's your problem? I mean, come on, it's not like you can feel anything anyway" (the background to this comment is that I have a spinal cord injury and don't have any movement or sensory 'awareness'). Excuse me??!!! Why should I care?? Well, hey, maybe because I got repeatedly...well...you know...until I went unconscious, so pardon me if I should dare to have a problem with that Good thread, btw Nat
  3. Hi rayodluz, I can relate to a lot of what you mentioned.......I have few words at the moment, but just wanted to welcome you. Nat
  4. Hi November.....here you will be respected, valued and supported......I'm sorry for what brings you here, but glad you found us. Nat
  5. Maybe that you're not alone? ...and welcome to AS, by the way... Nat
  6. ...I've had -1 showing for over a week.....does this mean I'm not getting anyone's msg's.....or maybe I'm not receiving any ::sad I dunno........lol
  7. Thank you to all who've replied......what more can I say? At least there are some people who care. See you in the boards, or in chat. Nat
  8. Hi Rachael, Thanks for reply...In my heart I know that what happened to me was rape...as I verbally said "no" very clearly in no uncertain terms, even though I was unable to move or resist due to my previous spinal cord injury...he probably saw me as an "easy mark" for that same reason...and I wouldn't be feeling the way I am at the moment if everything was ok. It's just that when someone (who I thought was a friend) said that I could just make like it didn't happen...and that it was no big deal because I was unable to experience physical pain, it makes me doubt myself, and further shatters m
  9. Ok.....deep breaths..... Hi to all.......you'll need a little brief background information to understand the sheer insensitivity of what someone said to me recently. 18 months ago I sustained a spinal cord injury in a horseriding accident - I have no sensation, function or movement below my chest/armpit level. Absolutely nothing. 3 weeks ago, just before Christmas just gone, I was raped by an ex. Just stop and get a visual on that one for a moment (wheelchair...unable to move or resist due to physical paralysis). A so-called "friend" said to me afterwards, "oh well, you can make like it didn
  10. Thanks to all who replied...I'm at a loss for words right now, but will stick around. Looks like there's a few fellow-Aussies in here! Nat
  11. Hi all, I've just signed up...this is my first post...it's still pretty recent for me (we're only talking weeks)...and I am too chicken to talk to anyone face-to-face, so here I am. I never thought it could happen to me (I'm in a wheelchair and paralysed from the mid-chest down) - what kind of person does something like that?! I'm hoping to connect with people on some level, who may understand what the aftermath stuff if like, even if it's only through chat/message boards. Thanks, Nat
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