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  1. Thanks, Your support is already making me feel better.
  2. Thanks for the support, both of you! "memoriesfadeaway" Sweety, I'm convinced I made the right the choice to seek support again and so did you when you joined. I know for a fact that nightmares fade with time (i wish they never came back...) I hope you can find some peace soon. Take Care
  3. Just as the title says I haven't been to As in a while. Last year, I use to come a lot year, stayed mostly in the shadows. This fall things got hectic and lack of time got the better of me. At some point I really taught I was totally over the abuss I suffered as a child. I was wrong A little over two weeks ago, something happened (I might talk about that elsewhere) and it sent me back into it, ex. Nightmares. Anyhow, since I haven't been here in months I figured I might as well reintroduce myself. I'm 20 and searching for who I am (for the first time in my life). I'm somewhat lost right n
  4. winnieAlex


    Hello, I'm new, kinda obvious. I'm fairly young I must say compare to other people on this site. I'm turning 18 tomorow. My father molested me when I was a kid. For what I believe to be app. a decade (app. 3 until 13) I must say I have a hard time talking about it. Fear of being rejected and judge. And sadly that fear as been fulled at some occasions. Like many, I feel I have been cheated out of justice. Quote from a detective "We will not prosecute and destroy the reputation of a pharmacist on the accusations of a 14 year old". I'm nervous and I hope I did not write too much. I don't reall
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