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  1. Newbie

    Hi Izzie, hope you find what you are looking for!
  2. Hi New Here

    Welcome, sounds always so odd at this place, but then again....
  3. Hi

    Hello, you did find the right place for doing what you are looking for. I hope you will like your stay and the people can help you at least a bit. Take care of yourself!
  4. Hi.

    Hellooo, so you are from Canada? May I ask from where exactly? I'm only curious.. You already are an active member and I'm sure you got some people to know so far. Hope you will stay and like the board ;-) See you around
  5. Hi & Ty For Ur Time

    Hi Lion, I like the nick you choosed! All of us are or have been "pretty well far down that road to recovery". But be sure that people here will try to help as good as it's possible on a board. Take care of yourself!
  6. New Here

    Hi Kristina, it's never easy to start.... but you did the first step with reg. here! Whish you all the best
  7. New Here

    Hi Cheryl, I can imagine how bad the whole situation for you must be. I whish you all the best, send you much love and a lot of strength!
  8. Hi

    That was a very short introduction ;-) Anyway - HELLO ;)
  9. New Here

    Hi Flower, I hope you will find what you are looking for. It's nice to have you here... Take care
  10. I'm New Here Too

    Hi there! Netherlands, great - I'm a huge fan of that country, language and people ;-) Hope you'll find what you are looking for.. <hugs> Take care
  11. New Girl

    Hi Alexis! Hope you will find what you are looking for!
  12. Hola!

    welcome ;)
  13. Hello. I'm New.

    also from me a warm welcome hope you gonna like it here.. may i ask how old you are? your mum seems to be very young ;)
  14. Hey?

    I'm sure many of us know what you mean with saying "I'm young but yet I feel like I've already lived through too much" Me too. Hope you will like it here and you gonna get to know some great people. Take care
  15. Hi

    a bit late but...... HELLO hope you'll find what you are looking for!