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  1. To my inner child, I thought I was reaching out to you. You turned your back...no surprise there. He's a very influential person, and I spoke out about it. Because of that, you lost your family, dysfunctional as it was. It was your security. If you want to turn away from me, then fine. But don't just decide at the most inoppportune moments that you want to take control. You make me feel like I am crazy inside. I have today's burdens to bear. I cannot live not knowing when you will crop up. You make me easily intimidated by others. You make me cry at anything and everything. I can'
  2. Friend #1: You need to just forget about it. It's all mind over matter (Duh, if it was that easy, don't you think I'd be done with it by now?????) Friend #2: You need to just build a bridge and get over it. It happened, and now it's your choice to forget it. (I'm sorry, I didn't know I had a choice to just "forget") Friend #3: It's done and over with. Yes, it went on for a long time, but it was also a long time ago. You just need to move on. (Please wave your magic wand so I CAN move on...PLEASE!)
  3. miabella


    Thank you, all, for accepting me. I appreciate your kindness toward a stranger.
  4. miabella


    I have been looking for somewhere to share thoughts, fears, and anxieties. I hope I have come to the right place because i'm scared.
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