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  1. I had created a thread titled "Lying About Rape" which basically just talked about a girl I knew who lied about it, and how upsetting I found it. I got an email saying someone replied to it, but when I tried to visit the thread it wasn't there--it also wasn't under my created topics, or threads I've posted under, which indicates to me that it was deleted. I totally would understand if it was deleted for a reason, as in if it were triggering someone, or if I said something offensive (which I completely didn't mean to do, but you never know), but nobody even warned me about it. If I said or did something wrong, I'd really hope that someone would tell me rather than just delete the topic and leave me wondering why.. I'm really sorry if I did something wrong, I really didn't mean to, but I'd also like to know why it was deleted in the first place... If a mod could PM me or reply here that would be really great.
  2. Hey Engelkatze, welcome to AS!! First of all, I'm very sorry that you're having a rough time, and that you've had to experience what you have. Don't worry if you can't share all of your story right away--many people wait a long time before they can open up that much. It sounds like you've come to the right place--AS is pretty brilliant, and it's been a great help to me! Don't forget to read the rules, and have fun posting! (Don't forget that we have fun topics too, and the chat room. ) :hug: (If Okay!) DreamHaze
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    :D Thanks Graice, hi! Nice to meet you!
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    Thanks angelic, emptytears, it's nice to meet you both!
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    ^^ Hi Salty, thanks for the great welcome!
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    Hi, everyone--I'm DreamHaze. I don't know what to say, except that I'm a "survivor".. and I've been having issues lately. So I came to share, and to meet people who have gone through similar things--I figured that maybe it would help? Anyways, I'll be posting my "story" soon, so check for it in the story-posting section (I'm sure there's one somewhere...o.O!)! Love, DreamHaze.
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