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  1. Hi I am GoldenLion, an rubbish here/ nice 2 meet u all GL
  2. Hi I am new here ad very well understand and appreciate the (sick) world we live in that neccesitates the securities. I do wish, after hosting my own site on such a subject, for many years, that it was a "little more" accessable than this. We were all there at one time, looking for someone to talk to................. Guess i'm just so sad that the worlds in such a sorry state. We arent all into "posting£ either - so if that counts as a "NO" well, hey. Just tips on hosting a site just as this, keep up thee good caring work, but please try to remember, behind all the security is one voic
  3. Hi, I', GoldenLion I am a survivor of childhood s*xual a*use. Wanted to find new ppl to talk with and also to share and support as i feel i'm pretty well far down that road to recovery. Thanks 4 ur time.
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