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  1. My name is Cheryl and I am a sexual abuse surivor. Also I am the mother of a sexual abuse child. With both situations it was a family member who did the abusing. With me it was my brother and with my daugther is was her brother. They are looking to charge her brother/my son with adult charges even though he is only 15. I am looking for any and all support I can get. My son has been removed from the home and is living with my mother/his grandmother. I am trying to deal with the emtional shock and pain this has all brought to our lives. It has opened some very nasty wounds with me and my family. I had a mother who refused to believe that my brother did anything to me. When it came out that my son molested my daugther, my brother finally admitted it to my mother. Who still don't want to believe it or come to terms that it happened while she was around. Thanks for letting me join and I hope I can find support and friendships here.... Cheryl
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