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  1. Welcome to AS this place has helped me move along in my healing and the members are so supportive and there is nothing too embarrassing or shameful to talk about because you will find at least 4 others who have went through or are going through the same thing. AS is a safe place and I hope you find support and healing.
  2. My little Lizzie (idk why she calls herself that she just does) came out last night and trusted me enough to draw for me to tell me what was making her scared. She wrote me a letter first (i used my left hand and crayons to really let it flow and come out) and then drew a picture with my left hand as well. They are posted in the healing by art section if anyone is interested. I am so proud of her for coming out even though she was more scared than I was.
  3. She is scared She is hurt He touched her where she didnt want him to She is afraid of him He told her not to tell She is sitting in her closet to protect herslef her privates hurt when he touches her she wants to die she hates herself she is bad
  4. My little is feeling dirty and ashamed because of how he would touch her there and made her promise not to tell. It's okay to let your feelings out and cry, but dont ever feel ashamed or disgusting because that his shame to bear not yours.
  5. My inner child is feeling afraid because of the secret she's holding inside that she promised not to tell. Its okay you can trust me and no one will ever hurt you again
  6. Hi I'm new here. I'm a sophmore college student studying early childhood education as a major because I want to be a kindergarten teacher one day. I'm also a sorority girl and love hanging out with my friends and going to church. Other than that I hope to find some support and solice on here. -Alexis
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