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  1. Attie

    hello attie! i hope you find some comfort here
  2. Hello Everyone

    sorry its late but welcome and I hope you find the support you need.
  3. How Do I Delete My Account?

    Kodi I'm sorry I misunderstood you and if I caused any kind of negative I apologize. I totally understand what you're saying. It's a very awesome reason for leaving and I'm glad you're looking out for yourself!
  4. Such A Relief...

    Its defiantly a nice place to hang out!
  5. How Do I Delete My Account?

    I am not sure how you delete your account but I am very sorry that anyone made you feel like this was a place you couldn't be If I said anything to hurt you im very sorry
  6. I Am New Here And I Don't Want To Offend.

    Its OK, I'm glad you're not offended
  7. I Love This Place

    I totally agree!!! its changed me already and ive been here for like a week! thank you all for being here and thanks inhealing for posting this...you are so right!
  8. I'm New To The Site

    Nathan, im glad you found this site too! I am also new. Ive only been around for like a week I think. I was really nervous but everyone is so nice and understanding. Whenever you get ready im sure you'll find some support here. hugs if ok
  9. Greetings From A New Member!

    :aswelcomesu:I felt the same way when I came across the sight. :ThankYou:for coming here as well
  10. I Am New Here And I Don't Want To Offend.

    Morgan short I am sorry I confused you, I just meant that abuse of any kind is just as bad as the next. If you feel like it was bad enough to have bothered you, then its valid. And that's all that's matters. So I hioe that clears it up, I am dreadfully bad at explaining things so I'm sorry
  11. I Am New Here And I Don't Want To Offend.

    You are the judge of what happened. That's what my therapist tells me. In agree, if you feel like its affecting and has then seek out a professional. And just to be clear you don't offend me at all by posting here
  12. New To The Site

    Hello lemon I am also new and he already felt supported from the people here. I hope you can find a therapist and the support you need!
  13. Introduction

    I came here for a similar reason! I hope we can all work together
  14. New Member

    Thank u freekatie! It feels good to have gotten so many welcomed