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  1. Attie


    Thank you all. appreciate the support so very much. will be here to support you all too.
  2. Attie


    Goodness thank you so much. its a place I wish i wasnt. I hope to be there for others. its nice to know there are others out there.
  3. Attie


    I have been here before. years and years have passed. desperation comes back in a different place in my life. i just need support and I fall back to old places to find it. Nothing seems to be helping, the desperation and fear is deep in my soul. I hope to find it, i hope to find my soul again, can anyone help me ?
  4. drugged and assaulted ... THIS IS A BIG DEAL. they are the lucky ones who dont know how hard these situations are and if they think that being raped would have been worse it wouldnt, it would have been different. You are hurting and You ABSOLUTELY have the right to feel violated. YOU WERE violated. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Ten days is very soon so please take gentle care. we are here to support you . Never to invalidate your experience.
  5. Welcome. i hope you find the support you are looking for here. Attie
  6. Hi. you have found a great place to be supported and to heal.
  7. Attie


    Hi kendall. I think we are a supportive group and i am sorry for the reason you are here but glad that you have found this site. I will offer you support any time. Hugs if okay. Attie
  8. Attie


    welcome. we are glad you are here .
  9. Attie


    hi. hope you find the support you need here.
  10. thanks to all of you. i plan to write today in the share your story section. it wont be easy im sure as you probably all have experienced. thanks for the support .
  11. Hi. Ive returned to AS after a few years of being away from the site. I am working through therapy and have found my way back . I am a lot scared and very sad. Im hoping to find some peace here. Attie
  12. Attie


    Welcome to AS. I think that you have found a wonderful place for healing and support. We welcome you here with open arms and hearts. It is a very supportive group of survivors.
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