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  1. Hey Lucy thanks for the greetng
  2. Nice to meet you all it's been a real eye opener reading a lot of other peoples posts, I can relate to so many,and feel as though I could have had written some of them myself. It's a little overwhelming, but it's nice to know that others understand how you feel, I've never had that before. Nightwisp, I feel the same, I always lose my train of thought! Runaway it's nice to meet you and me too xx
  3. Sb85

    New Member

    I'm new too, we can be newbies together I know what you mean about the being hard to talk part, it's taken me 20 years and I still can't say exactly what happend out loud. Sarah x
  4. Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. Glad I've found this forum as I've started seeing a councellor which is the first time I have fully talked about what happend to me as a child and this is still very much at the front if my mind and I'm feeling pretty emotional at the moment. I've found talking to someone who understands is a great relief, and so here I am, feel free to say hello. Sarah xxx
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