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  1. I tell my boss about the rape 3-4 days earlier. He says...you don't look like a rape victim. What does one look like? Should I have bought the t-shirt? Worn a button? What a stupid thing to say!
  2. Welcome Heather. I hope you find what will help you here at AS. There are many people and many experiences to help guide your way. Wishing you the best of luck....both and healing and finding yourself again.
  3. Hello and welcome to AS. Hope you are able to find some healing here. I hope college goes well for you. Remember you can always find friends here...and you can always talk and feel safe. Welcome....and gentle hugs to you.
  4. Hi and welcome to AS. I think the fact that you want to help your girlfriend is very brave and endearing. Only she knows when and if she is ready to share all of her story with you. I think she is very lucky to have you....As survivors we always hope that someone we care about will be able to listen and to understand. You have gone the first step by coming here, and hopefully some day she will be able to open up to you. Stay strong...for yourself and for her. What you have to learn from her will be difficult and trying. The secondary survivor forum may be helpful. Good luck to you....
  5. Hello and welcome to AS. I know all of this can be a little daunting. Take it slow, read some other posts, and know that you have friends here that you haven't even met yet. Take care. This is a super place to begin healing.
  6. Hello and welcome to AS. I am sorry that someone as young as you needs a place like this, but I hope you will find your voice to speak here. There are so many people here that can listen and become a friend. So stay strong...and I hope you are able to find a safe place here. gently....
  7. Welcome. Hope you find what you are looking for on AS. There are so many wonderful people here to learn from...and to lean on. So be strong and begin to heal.
  8. Hello. This is a great place to begin healing. There are probably a lot of people that can relate to what you are going through. So don't be afraid....we're hear to listen and help. I am sorry you had to come to a site like this at all....but be strong. Remember that today might be hard to deal with, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  9. Hello and welcome to AS. Sorry you have a reason to be here, but hopefully you will find a way to begin healing and some friends who can help you. We are always here...let us know what we can do to help.
  10. We all handle discomfort differently. You should never compare yourself to others when it comes to dealing with "bad" things. I might handle something differently than you would, so it is hard to compare ones stress and coping skills. Try to make each day count if you can. In the beginning it might just be one thing that gets you through...and as time goes by, you can add other things that will begin to brighten the dark spaces. I know there are times when you want to give up...don't. Come here and try to talk and heal. We do care.
  11. Hello and welcome to AS. You sound discouraged, and I wish you wouldn't. Though it is hard to talk about what brought you here, the healing process will begin once you do. I am still struggling, and my attack only happened a week ago, so I cannot tell you how to ride out the difficult times. I am still numb and partially in denial. However; everyone here has been so kind. You will feel safe and never feel judged when you share your feelings. I hope you will find friendship and solace here. Just ask for help when you need it, and amazingly enough....friends will arrive.
  12. Hello and welcome to AS. I read your story and I am so sorry that happened to you. Hopefully you will find friendship and healing here. I know it can be daunting, but I know you are here to find someone to talk to. Hope you start to feel better soon.
  13. Hello and welcome to AS. I to am a new member and I am still nervous about posting and what is ok to discuss on here. Everyone has been so kind...they welcome you and make you feel as if you belong. I hope you find that same comfort here. So sorry you had to come to a place like this to begin with, but knowing others care and understand should help.
  14. I'm happy that you too found a place here. i joined a couple of days ago after not knowing where to go for help and healing. Though I am new, it is comforting to know there are so many of us that need each other. I hope you find what you are looking for. So sorry that you need a site like this to begin with. Healing begins with sharing....or so someone told me.
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