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    it may be the past but it effects the future

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    Music, art and being outdoors.<br /><br />Still watching the ocean move,<br />if only I could show you my soul,<br />and places I've been.<br />Watching the ocean curl,<br />and little girls playing in the sand, <br />as I walk,<br />longing to listen to you talk.<br />But I've got nothing to say,<br />I've got nothing to lay at your feet

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  1. yes i think it was a glitch because today i was able to post my story, but thank you
  2. thank you to everyone who welcomed me, its nice to know i have somewhere to turn. i was also wondering why i cant post anywhere but in the welcome section, do i have to have full membership or something? i would really like to post my story so i can let it all out but im unable to.
  3. my names amanda, i just joined and im unsure if i should be here or not. i wont go into any detail of my experience, but what happened to me was date/acquaintance rape (from my understanding). so i wondered if theres anyone out there who had sex or a relationship with their rapist and if they'd share their experience or speak with me.
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