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    The past is just the future with the lights on

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  1. Lyrra


    Welcome to AS I have insomnia and I also work nights so I am on here quite often at odd hours (I'm in the Eastern Time Zone)
  2. Lyrra

    New Here

    welcome to AS bubble. I wish you well on your healing journey
  3. Hi Addi We met in chat today, welcome to AS. I'm glad you are here (sorry you have a reason to be though)
  4. Lyrra


    Welcome to AS. I hope you find the healing you deserve
  5. welcome to AS I hope you find the healing you deserve
  6. welcome to AS it was nice to meet you in chat today
  7. Hello and safe hugs to all. I'm Heather and I am a survivor of childhood and adult SA. I have been working on the healing process since my first little girl was born in 2002 and it brought back all sorts of horrible memories and I had a break down. Since I started facing all I had/have been through I have been thru multiple toxic relationships and had my ups and downs. When I got married in 2007 I thought I had gotten over most of it, but turns out I had just barely scratched the surface and I was just putting it all back in the box in my head it started in. So...yeah. There is more to my sto
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