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My Teal Trigger



The color trigger has been around for since I can remember. At first ... I got a memory of having a teal shirt as a little boy at a playground, but no context as to what significance the color is. People that wear bright teal shirts trigger me. Not too many people like this color so ... it has not happened often thankfully. I bought a rainbow wig with teal in it. that made me uncomfortable, but I was okay with that. I put teal in my signature for a while. I went from uncomfortable to perfectly okay with it. I did a number of things with teal. It seemed like it was no longer a trigger. Then someone wore a bright teal shirt and it triggered me worse than ever before. I reworked trying to associate teal with better things and seemed again okay.

Now I'm starting to think maybe there is more to the trigger than a teal shirt... something teal and glittery as me feeling horrid. .... arg. Will it please end?! I like that color! I just wish I didn't want to throw up every time I saw it. I already have enough problems between anxiety and hypoglycemia and such that make it difficult for me to eat or not want to. ....

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Those weird, random-seeming triggers can be the hardest to get rid of.

Just thought I'd let you know I read and am supporting you.



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