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You were everything to me. I trusted your love

But no, you come first, and no one dare step above

You were my world. No exceptions, you were IT

Until I realized everything, you would never admit

You did things. Unspeakable, yet they pour from my soul

My innocence..what?.. you robbed me of it. Whole

You damaged me, but who was ever to know

No one could; my non reflective exterior never let it show

You had me trained, in fact, a silent monkey is what I played

Until i thought screw it and your trust I betrayed

You made me quiet, but only so so

I tried to tell someone, anyone, silly me, even 5-0

You kept me stuck. Right where I ought to be

See I never said anything, to anyone, not about you and me

You kept me thinking I was loved, but Her pain I felt

I loved my mother more than life itself

You have given me knowledge, of most things unkind

Nothing too beneficial will ever come to mind

You have made me see, who you really were

A horrible, disgusting father, and horrible husband to Her

You disgust me. Deeply you do.

I can't stand you. Now, never shall I have to

You make me sick. Literally, I wanna puke

Loving you was a joke. Really a fluke

You are nothing to me. Yet blood makes us related

The fact that you breathe no more, keeps me sedated

You are grotesque in memory, just as you were, when alive

And yet through all this, I must grow and I must thrive

You lay there now rotting away. From me this is not a complaint

For you will never hurt me again, nor my heart shall you taint

You,...soulless bastard, return from whence you came. ..

And it is absolutely no one's fault, but your own to blame.

You are dead to me. Thank goodness it's true

I guess it's about time.... Good for me and good for you

You are gone now. Not much left I wanted to say

In my mind, a father you were not, but a terrorist you will stay.


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