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I Was There, Where Were You....



I was there, ...where were you?

Faces breaking, and not into smiles

Furniture takes flight,....yet has no wings

Nor do I, with fright amidst, I remain firmly grounded, without flight...

I was there,.... where were you?

Walls shaking, due to "homestyle" earthquakes....

Floors slippery, yet there's not a drop of moisture in sight excluding tears....

No wax on the floors, not including emotions' snuffed candle residue..

I was there,...where were you?

"Stunner" shades were used to mask your identity

Growing self pity used as a chaser after every single shot

You swam to the bottom of bottles, without surfacing for air

I was there,... where were you?

You slipped and fell again, aww boo hoo

That wax free floor has caused you damage again?

What's that? You ran into his fist first....

I was there,... where were you?

Excuses rise, while reasoning cease to exist

Safety first, took a backseat position in this so called "game" of life

Sense made of nothing, and nothing made sense

I was there,... where were you?

Cold, hard truths maintained physicality...

While escaping, never crossed the minds path..

Emotional exchange, was foreign in currency..

I was there,...where were you?

Alcohol induced love and anger, you decidedly used for survival

Violent environments' ignorance soothed my soul

Offensive defense embodied my being

I was there, where were you?

My nature, made your nurturing obsolete...

My strength, supported your weakened psyche...

Even with my hearts' transparency, you willingly remain blind...

I was there Momma! Where.... are you?


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