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It Happened Again



I'm tired of feeling like I don't have any control for what happens to my body. I feel so helpless when things happen to me and I feel too weak to be able to stop anything from happening.


I begged for help and no one did anything to stop him. They just turned away and pretended as if nothing was happening. We were on a bus, its not like they were just passing by and pretended not to hear me, they could see me in pain and uncomfortable. Maybe if I was a little bit louder someone would have helped. He followed me on my way home and all I can think about is that he knows where I live. He knows what I look like and that I'm weak and where I live and I don't know if I will feel safe again going on the bus by myself. At least I know he won't be able to get into the building without a key. At least that fact can help me feel a little more safe. 


I'm tired of this happening to me. I'm tired of feeling helpless.

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I carry mace.....    I walk tall......    and avoid being out at night completely, well mostly....     Glad he does not have a key        I'm extremely sorry this happened,  I hope you can find ways to stay safe, safer.....        

For me becoming physical stronger has helped, Yoga, weight Training

Also counseling and group support

Take Care of You :throb:

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