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  1. Hi everyone or any one ❤️   -   sorry I've been gone so long -  @Patti72 thanks for following me :)          I have a hard time sharing because I don't want to create a negative reality -  and I am tired right now ....     

    I wish everyone healing and all that is best for you ❤️

    I'll have to update another time 


    1. sarahbella


      Also - I'm trying to figure out how to follow someone... :)❤️


    2. Doll6


      Hi @sarahbella feel free to share as much or as little as you want to 

  2. I carry mace..... I walk tall...... and avoid being out at night completely, well mostly.... Glad he does not have a key I'm extremely sorry this happened, I hope you can find ways to stay safe, safer..... For me becoming physical stronger has helped, Yoga, weight Training Also counseling and group support Take Care of You
  3. Hi, I hope you are doing better since this post. I have been on and off of this site. As for the helpfulness or making things worse, I guess it can go either way and good points. My memories surfaced for me many years ago - I had repressed them completely for twenty some years. And then I had the tools to work on recovering from what had happened and they came to the surface. Also I've had more recent trauma and spent the last 6 months attempting to get into a DBT program. So I put things aside and Got better! Sometimes time does heal. I was more present for the recent t
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