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  1. It Happened Again

    I carry mace..... I walk tall...... and avoid being out at night completely, well mostly.... Glad he does not have a key I'm extremely sorry this happened, I hope you can find ways to stay safe, safer..... For me becoming physical stronger has helped, Yoga, weight Training Also counseling and group support Take Care of You
  2. I'm Still Hurting

    Hi, I hope you are doing better since this post. I have been on and off of this site. As for the helpfulness or making things worse, I guess it can go either way and good points. My memories surfaced for me many years ago - I had repressed them completely for twenty some years. And then I had the tools to work on recovering from what had happened and they came to the surface. Also I've had more recent trauma and spent the last 6 months attempting to get into a DBT program. So I put things aside and Got better! Sometimes time does heal. I was more present for the recent trauma OUCH! yet, maybe because I was conscious and didn't have to repress it? I then healed by letting it go and resting to restore my energy? Aspects of trauma and healing are a mystery, I think.