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  1. *trigger warning* R, SA, and assault It's been a couple years since I've been on this site. Reading through my old blog posts shows me that I'm in a much better place than I was before, but I'm back on this site again for a reason I guess. I came back to this site because I realized that what happened to me in my relationship wasn't what should have happened. In college I found myself in a relationship I never wanted to be in and tried to get out of multiple times. Being naive, when I said no and didn't consent to sex during this relationship and he still made it happen I just thought I
  2. I'm tired of feeling like I don't have any control for what happens to my body. I feel so helpless when things happen to me and I feel too weak to be able to stop anything from happening. I begged for help and no one did anything to stop him. They just turned away and pretended as if nothing was happening. We were on a bus, its not like they were just passing by and pretended not to hear me, they could see me in pain and uncomfortable. Maybe if I was a little bit louder someone would have helped. He followed me on my way home and all I can think about is that he knows where I live.
  3. I was doing so well for so long until recently. I decided that I should get help for what happened to me and by realizing that I need help I guess it has made me think about what happened to me. Since I have joined this community, my nightmares have returned and I am finding more and more triggers that remind me of what happened on that day. I thought that by reaching out for help I would be able to move past what happened and I hoped that I would be able to live with it easier than I am right now. I've been waking up the past couple of nights from nightmares. Every time my attacker is th
  4. Hello! I am new to this site so I am still fumbling around hoping that I am doing things by the rules. I haven't participated in anything like this in the past and I am excited to see what things this brings! Thank you for welcoming me into this community!
  5. I've never tried to run a blog before, so I hope that the messiness of this blog won't deter you from reading what I have to say. I want to start this blog by saying that I think that sexual assault or R (or anything that could fall in this category) is NEVER the victims fault. Never ever ever. But at the same time I still feel that this doesn't apply to me. What happened to me has changed who I am as a person and how I think about the world and the people in it. It has made me a much more cautious person and a much more clingy person. I will never say what happened changed me for the bet
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