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Everything’s falling apart



I ended up having a horrible night!! Me and my husband got into a fight and I told him I wanted to leave. He wants to blame it on the fact that I’m having a hard time dealing with my triggers and everything emotionally and it’s not just that. It pisses me off that he uses the fact that I struggle everyday to get out of bed because I’m afraid of what might happen as an excuse for him to be dismissive towards me and it makes me so mad that he does that!! The fact that I’m going through stuff doesn’t mean he has the right to blame it on me and What I’m dealing with. I’m trying to make learn how to deal with everything that’s now going on in my life with all the recovering memories. He’s read my journals so he knows what I going through at least he just doesn’t understand how much pain I’m in and he thinks that I need to go get medical help but I don’t! I hate this feeling I hate the fights I hate it all!!


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