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Day 6 Entry 3



( yesterday's entry) 3:26 PM: saw my councilor today. Or is he a therapist?.... I don't even care what the difference is. Cut the session short. Third time in a row I did that. It's getting harder to see him when I can already see what his advice is going to be. Told him mom thinks someone broke into our house, and how I think that's bullshit and its most likely her husband that stole my grandmothers pills. And of course he says to move out and rent a cheap little place for me and my brother..... He's an idiot. I asked him if he's a home owner. He says yes. I asked if he knew what rent was like in today's day. He confirmed he did not..... This guy is speaking from no knowledge or experience. We don't want to rent a place we are trying to save enough to buy our own house and pay our own mortgage. Talking about these things seemed so pointless. I'm not some abused child from a screwed up family. There doesn't seem to be a real reason for me to pursue more counciling.

In other news we are getting absolutely terrible service from Comcast. That's nothing new though. I would know. I'm online all the time. I see it slow down during times when " nothing is wrong ".
5:30 PM: budget cuts here in America now mean I've been dropped from advocates. Nothing matters anymore. Life's a bit*h and then you die. Strange thing is we knew this would happen one day. Right now waiting for my brother to come home to tell him.
( Today ) 7:07 AM day 1 of not being in the Advocate program anymore.... Well technically I'm still in till May 1st but to me I'm already done. My brother says all this means is less video new games, less fast food, and we need to find a job for me. A job would be great but I worry about weather or not I can handle it with my sleep patterns..... Screw it. I don't wanna be awake just to listen to mom and her husband. I'll sleep eat and work. But it sucks that most of my sleep is just gonna be me resting but not actually falling asleep. Need sleeping pills.  And I need to write a thank you letter to Advocates. Also need to figure out what moms actually done about what happened to Papa.
11:08 PM: walked to the game store and spent some of the store credit I have. Got a dirty CD cleaned and bought halo 4 which was only 8 bucks. Sad part is like many Xbox 360 games there aren't many online players left. We went to our friends house. Think I'm gonna need a code name for him seen as we've been chilling with him almost once a week every week. 3 nurses came in at the same time this morning. That was weird. Can't get my uncle registered as my friend on Xbox. That's pissing me off. Anything else that I forgot to write was either pointless bickering or not worth mentioning. 


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