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Day 10 entry 4



1:32PM: Friday and Saturday literally went the same exact way. Mom and her husband arguing in the morning over money problems. Then we left to go hang out with our gaming buddy.

Easter Sunday.... Could have been better. No arguing or fighting which was nice, but the night before my poor little sister saw one of her friends get murdered. The victim was a good guy. Of course it's never the scumbags that die. Always the innocent bystander. I don't care to talk about it much. All I can say is he was a good kid that never did anything wrong and didn't deserve this. Last night she was out with her friends who are all in mourning right now. Two people who weren't even there were talking about it a bit too much and it pissed her off. She needed someone to talk to when she came home. That person became me. She's at a vigil right now. She might need someone again tonight.
It's Monday. My brother has the day off. We are just hanging out at the house right now. This morning has been tame. Sleep has been terrible this whole weekend. And I'm pretty sure I need to go back to the doctor. It's so weird that today was a normal day for me but meanwhile my sister is mourning the loss of her friend.


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