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PTSD Journal

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About this blog

This is going to be a journal where I post when I am having PTSD type feelings about my past experiences. Hopefully, people reading these stories can find some relief in knowing they are not alone. I have been wanting to discuss my feeling and experiences more in depth in life and this seems like a safe outlet to do so. Thanks for reading ❤️

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I feel like I had so much stolen from me. No matter how many years go by, and how successful I become I will never have what I use to. I lost more than just money I lost who I use to be. The world will never look the same as it once did, I will never be as trusting, loving, caring...I will never be innocent again. Its funny, I guess I don't really want to change what happened because I do like who I am now, but I do often wish I could be who I am now with the innocence I use to have. Seeing



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