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Thank you for this board - I hope it will help me deal with some things I am having some difficulty with. I hope to learn from others that I am not alone - and that others are feeling the same things I am feeling - that I am not weird or crazy - and that I will ultimately be ok??

Thanks everyone


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Hi Kristine.

This is a lovely board and I assure you you won't be alone while posting here in this family.

I'm sorry for whatever reason brought you hear but I really am glad to meet you. I hope you find this place as helpful and supportive as I do..:hug:


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Thank you Nene – it’s wonderful to meet you too. Perhaps a place like this is what I’ve been missing and needing. I feel as though I’ve had very few people to truly turn to – my abuse is known by just a very small number of people who I don’t think can ever completely understand. This could be a very liberating and very freeing place for me. I need to try and sleep now or I will be a wreck at work – I’ve had a terrible day after a very bothersome sermon at church this morning sent me home early in tears – I’ve written an email to the minister and hopefully that will ease my mind also – I’ll write more in another post – my story or vent??

Thanks once again – I truly do appreciate it.


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Welcome, Kristine!

Although it would be a better world if we didn't need to be here for the reasons we are here, I'm glad you found us. I hope you find the caring and support you need here. There be some positively awesome folks here.



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Once again thanks so much everyone. Although I haven't posted very much - I have been reading through some things - and believe it or not - even just doing that has been a tremendous help and comfort to me.

I''m so glad to have found this board!


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Welcome to a wonderful place, I hope that it helps on you on your healing journey :hug::greet:

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Welcome to AS. Best of luck on your healing journey. Take your time to get to know the people around here. I'm sorry that you've had to endure so much hardship, but I'm glad you've found us.



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Hiii! Welcome! I hope you find support here. I'm sure you will, anytime you need anything just let us know :)

<3 :throb::hug:

PS- YOU ARE NOT WEIRD OR CRAZY!! You are completely normal. Don't worry, places like this helped me feel more normal as well.

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