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  1. I'm Back!

    Welcome Back! It's great to see you here.
  2. Hello

    Hello sweetie Welcome to the community! ~Nene
  3. Hi Everyone

    Hi Beth It's wonderful to have you here. I hope you find what it is you're after along your healing journey ~Nene
  4. Newbie

    Hi Patience, I'm a fellow Aussie aswell. I'm sorry for what has happened to you. It's terrible that we are united from such tragic pasts...At the same time, Im also glad you've found us here. We are a wonderful community. ~Nene
  5. Just Hello.

    The first post is always the most daunting. After that it gets a little easier. I'm glad you've found us here, everyone is very supportive and we will not rush you into anything until you are ready Welcome to the family ~Nene
  6. Help

    Welcome to After Silence. I'm sorry for what you've been through but this whole family here is very supportive. Jump in and make yourself at home amongst us and we'll do our best to listen and help you as best we can ~Nene
  7. Very Busy

    Don't you worry about us...We'll solider on! You take care of yourself, I don't want to hear you burning yourself out... (needs to take her own advice ) ~Nene
  8. Anyone Else From Nz Or Australia?

    ah well, I'm in NSW (Tamworth) But i have family all over, my sister is in Melbourne and my dad's family is from up North Queensland
  9. Introduce Myself

    Hi Mommy Welcome to AS I hope this family can help you on the road to healing as much as it's helped me ~Nene
  10. Anyone Else From Nz Or Australia?

    Hi there Emma Welcome to AS I'm an Aussie born and bred Look forward to getting to know you.... ~Nene
  11. Where Are You All From?

    I'm from Beautiful Australia Born and Raised...
  12. General Age Of Forum

    I'm 26 next month. I remember I use to really hate the idea of getting older... but now I'm really starting to embrace it. I'm loving everything that comes with it. I love the maturity that is coming along for the ride and the experiences that I'm going through. I'm actually looking forward to 30 :-)
  13. Hello Peeps

    Welcome back. It's lovely to meet you... Take care ~Nene
  14. Hello To All Survivors - I'm New

    Welcome to After Silence... Glad you've found us ~Nene
  15. Hi I'm New

    Welcome to After Silence I'm sorry for the reasons that you've had to come looking for a place to heal But on the other hand, I am glad you've found this family. We are really an amazing bunch of people.... Take care ~Janene