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  1. Welcome I hope you find this place as safe and warm as i do Daniela.
  2. mariposa

    I Am New

    Welcome to the AS family! Daniela.
  3. Thanks everybody It's great to be back
  4. Hi everybody, i wasn't going to do one of these posts because last time i came back, i disappeared right away... Things are pretty raw at the moment, since i'm moving back to my home country after 5 years in the States. I'm excited to see how everybody has been doing and hopefully be of some help. Love, Daniela.
  5. I'm back just now too. Good to hear from you again Daniela.
  6. i'm sorry you've been through so much. Being here is a great first step, just take your time and know that this is a safe place where you can just be yourself with your pain, your happiness, your beauty... We are here to support you. Daniela.
  7. Welcome back how great that you are able to post again. It's ok to have those moments of silence, we all have them. Just remember during those times that AS is a safe place that will still be here when you are ready to come back. Daniela.
  8. Aks I can't say that i'm very much in touch with mine, because the thought of her is sometimes so overhwelming, that i just simply shut down. However, i've gotten to a point where i can't deny that she exists anymore. The first time i "made contact" was in therapy, i kept telling my t that i just didn't get this whole inner child thing. So we did the empty chair exercise. My t got up from her chair, made me close my eyes and started asking me to imagine myself when i was little. For some reason, this image of myself on my 7th birthday came up. She asked me to describe everything about how i looked then. Then she asked me to talk to that little girl, and tell her the things that nobody has ever told me, like i was not to blame for what happend; and i pretty much lost it. I could see for the first time how little i was, and still am in many ways. That helped me forgive myself in many ways, because when you see that little girl "from the outside," you can't blame her anymore. You wouldn't do that to a 7 year old in the street, would you? I think i haven't been that much in touch with her since then, because it can get so overwhelming. But i know she's there, and now i've decided to give her a name. I'm not sure where our relationship is going, but i know this is a step in the right direction. The important thing is to give ourselves time, and when we are ready, we'll know it. Hope this helped...although i don't know that i made any sense you can pm me if you'd like to talk more about this, i don't wanna hijack Ruthiegirl's thread. Daniela.
  9. Today, i wanna give you a name: Saltitos. I guess that if we are gonna be together forever, then we might as well call each other by our names. That's it for now. maybe i'll talk to you later. I know i've told this story before, but i'll tell it again. When i was little, my dad used to call me Saltitos (little jumps, in spanish). He gave me that nickname, because i was always dancing around from one place to the other. I'd like to have that connection to my body and soul again. Daniela.
  10. How could we ever forget you??!! It's great seeing you again! Daniela.
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