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  1. Hi quietguy and welcome:) This is a wonderful, non-judgemental place here. You'll find lots of support and caring people...exactly what us survivors need.
  2. Hi and welcome celestialwanderer!
  3. Glad to have you here, Rainbow!
  4. Welcome from a fellow Newbie! PS: I admire anyone who can jump out of a plane; that's amazing!
  5. Thanks everyone! Quote: Welcome, Harmony--I love your name! I love to harmonize so I thought it would be a neat handle *grin*
  6. Hi everyone, I've often thought about joining a sexual abuse forum but I felt...shy, I guess. But after doing a lot of research I found AS and this looks like a very welcoming and caring community! I am a survivor of incest at the hands of my mother. I've done the one-on-one counseling and group therapy and a few years back I confronted her. We now have an...interesting relationship...more of a surface thing than anything else. I don't think I'll ever forgive her for what she did to me as a child but...we can have a conversation now without me seething in rage. I just wanted to stop in an
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