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  1. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Continue with seeking help. One day at a time hon. One day at a time. Kristine
  2. Once again thanks so much everyone. Although I haven't posted very much - I have been reading through some things - and believe it or not - even just doing that has been a tremendous help and comfort to me. I''m so glad to have found this board! Kristine
  3. Thank you so much to everyone!! Kristine
  4. Thank you Nene – it’s wonderful to meet you too. Perhaps a place like this is what I’ve been missing and needing. I feel as though I’ve had very few people to truly turn to – my abuse is known by just a very small number of people who I don’t think can ever completely understand. This could be a very liberating and very freeing place for me. I need to try and sleep now or I will be a wreck at work – I’ve had a terrible day after a very bothersome sermon at church this morning sent me home early in tears – I’ve written an email to the minister and hopefully that will ease my mind also – I’ll
  5. Thank you for this board - I hope it will help me deal with some things I am having some difficulty with. I hope to learn from others that I am not alone - and that others are feeling the same things I am feeling - that I am not weird or crazy - and that I will ultimately be ok?? Thanks everyone Kristine
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