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Pretty (bad) Year

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I never know how to introduce myself...but I just got out of a fairly long sexually (and otherwise) abusive relationship and am realizing I definitely need support. This year has been especially bad, finally waking up and realizing that the entire relationship and marriage was tainted by abuse from the start. I guess i just can't handle feeling alone in this anymore. 


Sending love, strength and safe hugs to all those who need them.'

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Hi ariadne welcome to AS.  I am glad you found this site. I am sorry that you have been through a abusive relationship but glad you got out. You will find support here and we are here for you. 


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Hi ariadne,

Welcome to AS. I am sorry for the abusive relationship you endured and am grateful you found your way out. You will find tons of support here, our members are understanding and kind. Your experience is validated and you are no longer alone. It's a huge step to reach out and your introduction was perfect. I wish you more forward steps as you walk your path of healing.



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Hi @ariadne, and welcome to AS, although I'm sorry for the trauma that brought you here.  I am glad you have escaped the abusive relationship but I understand how the after effects can be so challenging, coming to terms with and recovering from what happened. You are not alone here!

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