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  1. So glad you’re out of that situation, but very sorry for the massive pain and suffering it caused you. ❤️
  2. Welcome. I’ve also found the current political/social climate rather triggering and upsetting. I’m so tired of it. Sorry you’re dealing with something similar.
  3. Welcome...I hope it is liberating for you to end your silence. ❤️
  4. Hi, new here. Hoping to find some solidarity and get some answers to questions. I’m so clueless. It’s been over nine months now, but there are so many leftover unpleasantries. I don’t even know what’s normal, or if there is even a “normal” in coping with this. Also looking for input on healthy coping suggestions. I’ve turned to alcohol a lot. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  5. Also new; I hope you will feel welcomed. ❤️
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