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  1. Thank you, both of you I feel really welcome here... and I hope I can help people by being supportive and compassionate in return x
  2. Hi snmls It’s nice to meet you, thank you for your kind message, I feel very welcome here and look forward to chatting to people here. I really appreciate having somewhere to talk to people who understand as yes it can be hard in real life as you don’t know what they will say or think about you or how they will judge you. take care x
  3. Hi Mary, Thank you so much for your kind and welcoming message. I don’t think I realised until I read what you said how much I needed to hear that. I’m so grateful that you took the time to reply. Thank you x
  4. Hi everyone, I've just joined this site and nervous about posting but I wanted to say hello and looking forward to hopefully making friends with people on here and being able to hopefully help and be there for people as well as find support for myself. I find it hard to talk to people in my life about how I feel, especially now that it has been several years since these incidents happened, I just feel like they will think I should have gotten over it by now, and I kinda feel like I should have to, especially as other people have been through a lot worse than me. Sometimes I’m fine for ages and don’t think it is affecting me anymore and then other times I can’t get stop thinking about it and getting upset and being so mad at myself and blaming myself etc. I just want to know when I will be fully over it. sorry for the long message! Anyway I’m very happy to be here and look forward to talking with you all. xx
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