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    Reading, writing, hiking, cats, coffee, psychology, photography

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  1. Nel


    Thank you everyone for being so welcoming It makes me feel supported and safe here to read your kind words~
  2. Nel


    Hi I'm Nel. I'm in my 20s and an avid reader, cat lover, and coffee connoisseur, nice to virtually meet you. I've been on here for a bit before posting, just looking around - I've never been able to say much about my own trauma. But for the past year I've had a job working with abused kids (not at that job anymore) and the environment and triggers were just a lot to deal with... and being unable to talk about it kept me from handling it in a healthy way. So yeah. Figured if I couldn't talk about it in person, might as well start online! And here I am. Anyway, I hope quarantining is going okay
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