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  1. @Ghostly Lilian, Hi, I'm Kate, I enjoy fantasy, fiction and writing a ton too. I went to college for human services and psychology. Recently I haven't been on AS due to a lot of struggles with depression and anxiety but I'm trying to get back to it. I have found a lot of support here. I hope with time, you'll find that comparing ones trauma to others isn't helpful. When I've been to support groups and first started on AS I felt much the same way. Felt as if I were exaggerating the things that happened to me. I had a constant fear of offending others. But no matter how our histories compare to others, it still impacted us dramatically and traumatically. We all respond to situation differently and that's ok. This is a safe space to field the path to healing. Please feel free to talk or not talk as much as you want here. We are here for you! Love and hugs, if ok, Kate
  2. deeppoet

    Lil' Tribble

    Hi, I'm Kate, if it is permitted, i would like to say that, as a child whose parents enacted corporal punishment, i would not call it abuse. I knew the rules of my parents' home and i disobeyed them. My parents never hit me out of anger, they never lost their tempers with me. I am not afraid of my parents. I am a well rounded woman. Although i was on the receiving end of abuse, it did not come from my parents. Anyway, In my opinion physical punishment becomes abuse when there is no real reason to be punishing the child. For example, i knew better than to run into the street without looking. But as a forgetful child and often ditsy i didn't look. I was almost hit by a truck. Luckily my mother was nearby. She saved me from getting squooshed by yanking me away from the road by my arm. It certainly did hurt, and right after she screamed at me and smacked my butt with her open palm. I was scared in that moment, not because my mother was abusing me, but because my mother's fear of losing her daughter was tangible. I could feel her love and i knew she wanted to impress the importance of "looking both ways" upon me. Needless to say, i never ran out into traffic without looking first ever again. I understand this isn't the best example but it is what i could think of in this moment.I also understand that not all children had experiences like mine with corporal punishment. There were other moments my parents used techniques many people would claim to be abusive, but i don't see it that way. Mom and Dad always attempted other discipline strategies first(time out...loss of privileges...grounding etc) . I agree that corporal punishment should always be a last resort, but if used correctly could still be a constructive tool in raising a child.
  3. Thank you Mary, I did find Healing Thru Creativity and have posted a poem I wrote there. IT felt really good share it. Even though it isn't the most elaborate work lol.
  4. I really hope you do get those published! I think the more literature out there about these tough topics the better!
  5. I would address more than just my abuser, but the entire room of girls that laid there and the two adults in the next room who listened as i screamed. "Why didn't you stop it?"
  6. Thanks, i joined another site similar to this one a couple days ago. it's called Survivors Chat. It might be another good resource for others.
  7. Hi, I'm Kate. I am a R**, sexual abuse, and two time attempted suicide survivor.(although that is a weird miracle in itself as G** was not willing to let my attempts even work). This little lady loves to read. I use it as an escape from the reality of my own world. I especially sink in to fantasy and mystery novels; some of those being, Harry Potter, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Lord of The Rings, as well as many others. I enjoy hiking, kayaking and watching TV shows on Netflix. I used to think i;d grow up and be a poet or an author. I was discouraged though after a relative told me i would never get any of my work famously published. I stopped writing for a long while. However, recently, i've taken it up again and it made me realize how much i missed it; how much i really got out when i was writing; how therapeutic it is for me. So hopefully, i'll bust out some really good work soon and submit them to some poetry contests or something.
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