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  1. Read a book. I love reading its my favorite thing to do.
  2. Welcome. AS is a safe place and I hope it is able to help you. I find its helpful to talk to other survivors and i hope you feel the same. If you ever need to talk I'm here you can always PM me. Again welcome and I look forward to seeing you around here:)
  3. Thanks for the warm Welcome everyone
  4. Thanks guys. As for hugs online hugging is okay. I don't really like being touched much. Though I'm okay in certain situations( mostly with people who know) So long explanation later Okay.
  5. why did you do this? Why did you pick me?
  6. Hello everyone I'm just going to go by my user name I am joining this to have more people to talk to. my Rape crisis counselor suggested i join something like this.
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