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  1. Welcome to AS. you arent stupid for what you are going through and no matter how it feels you are not alone and others are going through the same stuff as well
  2. welcome to AS. the share your story will open automatically as soon as you have 10 posts.
  3. welcome to AS. you are not alone. im sorry about the abuse and that it is so raw. you can heal and you are in the right place. it is safe here.
  4. Welcome to AS. And just so you know there is a creativity section where you can express yourself through writing. As a person who enjoys writing as well I liked seeing this myself
  5. Welcome to AS. And thank you for your service.
  6. Welcome to AS. I didn't know what to write in my intro either but you did better then me lol I was just completely awkward
  7. welcome. we all have denial in some way in our sexual abuses. good job at taking a step towards healing
  8. welcome. i have been here a very short time myself and so far it has been a great place for me to finally relate to other people. it can be very lonely being someone who has been abused in a world of people who just dont understand what you are going through and think you need to do things normal people can do.
  9. Welcome to AS. You have come to a great and safe place
  10. Welcome to AS. You found it in a similar way as I did. I have to admit it was a pleasant surprise
  11. Welcome cloudier. I hope you enjoy it here
  12. hi there im damaged too. its nice to meet you. welcome to AS. you are allowed to heal and accepting that will be a huge step to you healing.
  13. Welcome and make sure to read some of the pinned threads. I read one tonight about a way to bring yourself back to reality. It was like called some kind of emergency kit. I forget the exact name. But it helped me so far
  14. I actually just set mine as well. I don't remember the link but if you use the alternative method and set up the other acc it works perfectly. And welcome
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