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  1. I'm so sorry you are leaving.
  2. not really......now there is no one in chat. No one in during my lunch hour at all this week. Before, there were 5-6 of us during my lunch hour. And 20 or some some nights. It was rare that I saw someone's name listed in the column as being "in chat" and they didn't participate at all. Although there were a few. Most of us though, did quite well at chatting in the main room and PM-ing at the same time. Right now I have 2 IMs on and this screen. Most of us multi-task quite well.
  3. I love it. We did something similar in another forum I post on. We took a picture of the bear in a way that was meaningful for us. So if sunsets are your safe place, get a picture of bear in a sunset. Or if you're artistic, the bear holding your artwork.
  4. Hi and welcome. This is a wonderful site for support. If you have questions or want to be "shown around" just hollar (or PM Me)
  5. Awesome idea. I do try to "show the newbies around" in chat. I like the idea of showing them around the board too. It took me awhile to figure out things.
  6. I don't want to step on Windy's toes (or anyone elses) but I'd be willing to write something up to ask him to do it. I haven't read the book yet (I've orderd it) but Windy and Snow have, and they could add in something from the book that touched them. Then maybe Nicole or one of the other moderators could add in something too. It could be a collaborative effort. Like someone said - it doesn't hurt to ask. AND.... there is a link on his website where you can request him to give a presentation, so obviously he does this thing sometimes. Besides how much easier can it get - he could do it
  7. Windy mentioned this book to me and I just ordered it. She also mentioned getting him to speak in chat but wasn't sure if it would be allowed. I encouraged her to ask and I'm glad she did. So I'm throwing my 2 cents in too. I think this would be a great chat topic. I ~think~ the rule in chat is that we can't talk in detail about SI but we can talk about it generally - like things that help us not do it and giving each other encouragement. Like Windy said, having some tight guidelines could keep the topic chat on focus/topic and be a real encouragement to those of us who struggle with this.
  8. Hi havingameltdown !!! Everyone - this is my friend. I told her about AS and I'm glad she figured out how to have access. She is an awesome friend and mom. I know she will find this place as warm and welcoming as I have. Now, havingameltdown - no disclosing how much time I actually spend on here when I should be working.....
  9. Ah ha. Thank you - I looked all over for the answer
  10. What exactly is "My Friends"? I see the link at the top. Why would I add someone? How do I add someone? WHat does it do?
  11. Enola


    Hi and welcome. I'm new here too - been around about 1 week or less. I like it here so far As far as the "feeling like a liar" I think most abuse survivors feel like that. It's hard to trust your memories sometimes. If you are like me, and dissociate during some of it, it's hard to feel "real" about your past. I don't have any answers - just letting you know I can relate.
  12. From my mother - - well I just never saw all that sexual stuff as all that bad. I mean it's not like he hit you. - well what do you want me to do about it? - well you have two choices, continue to live here or go with your dad (physically abusive). - when are you going to get over this? From a friend after I said "I wish he would just die." - That's a horrible thing to say. (and like, what he did wasn't horrible?)
  13. Hi, I'm new here. I'm not sure exactly how this board works - it's set up a little different than some I've posted on. But I think I'll like it. My name is Enola. I prefer to stay anonymous here for a little while anyway I am 31 years old. On the outside I have it all together - consummate professional, eloquent speaker, mom to one darling daughter, married, happy and totally in control. On the inside, I am a panicky, messed up, crazy person, trying with all her might to hold it together. I'm in counseling (again) and it's tough. But I'm trying..... Looking forward to getting to kn
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