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  1. Redkite


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys No need to appologise white dove. I find the fact that you and others understand the 'liar feeling' comforting. I've been here less than 24 hours and already one aspect is less confusing. thanx
  2. Redkite


    Hi and welcome I'm new too
  3. Redkite


    Hi, I'm a 33 year old married mother of 2. I've had anxiety/panic disorder since the age of 20 and more recently depression. I've never really dealt with my 'past'. It's something i've somehow managed to push to the back of my mind until a few years ago when a memory resurfaced while i was driving. Triggered by a song on the radio i think. I've never seen my G.P (i don't know who else i can go to with this)or sought any kind of counselling. I'd like to. I found group therapy really helpful with the anxiety. Unfortunately i've yet to be brave enough. Nobody knows about what happened to me as a child except my husband whom i told about a year ago. That was it though, i told him and it has never been spoken about since. Something i don't get..... i feel like a liar. why is that? Anyway, this site seems great so far. I'm glad i found it
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