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  1. Hi Sara, glad you are here with us!
  2. My abuse happened at age 6 and I am 32, so I have learned that you deal with it in your own time. We are here for you!
  3. We are all here for you! This is a great group of people who will surround you with love and support!
  4. I am glad you are here with us!! We were all new at some point!
  5. Hello, I am fairly new to this too. Only a few weeks in. We are all here for you!!
  6. You guys are truly wonderful!!! I need to hear these warm welcomes! My husband went to see my T for the first time today and she said he just does not get it. He doesn't understand why there is shame, guilt and regret. He thinks we can choose to remember or not remember. He is so clueless. I feel so alone sometimes. Thanks again for all your encouragement!
  7. Good Morning Enola. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell on me either!! I made an appt with myself for an 11 am session on getting some of this sh** out of my head. Thank you for the warm welcome. Oh by the way, am I replying correctly? Is it supposed to post my reply like this? Like I said, I have never talked on a message board. It looks very addictive and I love that!
  8. thank you I actually have a friend who posts on here and she says it is great. I need all the support I can get right now!
  9. I really needed a place to open up. I just hope I can do it.
  10. Thank you for welcoming me. I need this!
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so glad to learn about this board!
  12. Thank you so much I plan on venting tomorrow. I made an appt with myself. If I don't call and cancel.
  13. I have never join a chat room before. I am on the computer all day, but have never been a chat room joiner. I joined and need a place to vent. Hope this helps.
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