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    Working on the victim to survivor transition.
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    Everything Equine. My best friend and rock is my dog. My miniature horse brings me all the joy I could ask for, and my kitten of course brings great entertainment to my life.
    I love to read and write, and hang out in the barn with my critters.

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  1. It's Been 4 Months

    Good to be back
  2. It's Been 4 Months

    I left unexpectedly, I'm back now randomly, and here to stay. Things are better than they were, but harder. Every time I sit on my computer, I want to click on my bookmark to come here, but coming back seems overwhelming to me. And it is overwhelming. But I've missed it. And I'm back. Jennie
  3. Avatar

    Hi Sonnet, Yes, he is a he! His name is "Choucer" but most people call him Chewy.
  4. Avatar

    I dont know what it is really, but in firefox if you go to 'tools' and then 'clear private data', only check the cache one and it clears it out. Lol, I dont know what it is, but I know how to do it. ;) And thanks, I my pup
  5. Avatar

    LOl. Well now I see my dog! I cleared my cache. Do you see it now Maddie??
  6. Avatar

    Atlantis, that's what its supposed to be (my dog), so I guess everyone else sees it but me? cute. I'll mess around with it
  7. Avatar

    I've logged in and out twice.. And its still the same... Weird. But I have patience ;)
  8. Avatar

    Maybe I'm just impatient. I changed my avatars quite a few hours ago and it hasnt 'changed' on the posts? When I go to my avatar settings my new one is there.. so ? Help? Am I just impatient?
  9. Glad I Found This Site

    Welcome! Hope to see you around
  10. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    hmm... YOU are guilty, not ME. I'm NOT daddy's little princess. You lost the right (to be my father) REAL dads dont abuse daughters I guess thats a start....
  11. you have got to be shitting me! I just wrote my post and it did it again.!!!! I have logged on on other computers but am always careful to log out. My moms been running lots of scans lately on the computer (spyware, virus, etc) but thats about all that has been changed on this computer. I am not sure whats causing this... :533: When I use it on other computers its not for very long, just long enough to look around (or more urgent posts) so i dont post or do much of anything, I dont recall anything like this happening on there... :533: Thanks for looking into this John!
  12. Just wanted to know if anything got figured out, because now mine has been doing this for the last week or so. :533: any help will be much appreciated!
  13. Hey Everyone! I Am New Here!

    AS is amazing~! I am sure you will feel right at home here <3 Jennie
  14. A Shy Hello

    Hi Everyone; Im back... Its been a long long road, and I was sad that i strayed away from here...so here i am...back...and willing to fight... I have thought about this place a lot...especially lately...because its so welcoming and soothing to know that i am not alone... I dont know if anyone remembers me, but im here to say hello & im back... Jennie<3
  15. Just Saying Hi

    Hi, my name is jennie, hope to see you around!!!