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  1. Hey Priscilla!! Welcome to AfterSilence!! I am glad you found us. sorry for what you have been through!! I also live in Belgium. but only since 4 months. AS is really awesome. everyone is really supporting, nice and helpful. I am here for you!! PM me anytime!!
  2. Had a walk through the city center of Brussels with my boyfriend and then we had brunch in my favourite bistro!!
  3. I went shopping and then I met my boyfriend in our favourite bistro.
  4. wow...I didn't think that you all would reply that fast. It is amazing how welcome I feel at the moment. I wish you could see my smile now!! thank you so much for everything!!
  5. Today I coloured all the rooms in my flat and now I really feel at home there!!
  6. hey everyone!! My name is Nina but all my friends call me Nini or Ninitschka. (Ninitschka is just a fun-name!!) and I am new here. I am very nervous and I hope I do everything right here!! I am glad I found this page...it seems like a nice place. I have already looked around a little bit. I don't really know what to say about me...there is nothing special about me. I am from Belgium but I only live here since 4 months and before I have lived in Austria. I guess that is the only thing I can think of what could be a little bit interessting about me!! take care everyone and I hope to ge
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