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  1. Hi I am not new but I have been away for quite some time. Hiding my head in the sand I would say instead of trying to move forward. Anyway just wanted to say hello and hope its ok to come back here
  2. Welcome to the group
  3. katina


    Welcome to the group Katina
  4. katina


    Welcome to the group
  5. Eura, Found lovely to see that you are both still here. Feels good to see familiar names, hope you are both well Katina
  6. Finally managed to get back into the group after a few rejoining issues. So glad to be back with you all. Name changed hower from Felix to Katina since it wouldnt let me back in with felix. I have to also say it is lovely to finally feel comfortable here using my real name, just shows how supportive you all have been to me x
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