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  1. Hello sixofswords, Welcome to AS. I am also new here and have just found my voice to post about what happened to me. I understand what you are saying, for a long time I could only admit that I was “touched”. “Touched” had no face, no definition…I kept the memories hidden in plain sight, but refused to know what really happened. When it all burst, I ba=egan having more memories than I ever wanted to face. I hope that y our healing journey remains in calm strength.
  2. Hello Juliet. So sorry you are here , but welcome
  3. So sorry that happened to you. ((Hugs)) My kids are supportive, but still seem to not have a clue about what I am diagnosed with means. I hope opening up here will be good for you, and for me.
  4. Beautifully versed! You have put into words and described what I am feeling. I want to know who I am am break free from the pain that binds me from finding myself! Thank you for sharing
  5. Me too Smpuppies! Where do we start? lol I have self help books to read but they are not interactive. One I am reading now wants me to list my support members, and be in a support group. I’m making that step now! And so are you!
  6. I I want to be whole, I can’t say again because I cannot ever remember feeling that way. I feel like a patchwork of nerves , anxieties and bad memories. Going out takes all day to build up steam and then I may still fflake out! I want to be whole. Thinking about impending trip to store…and it has me worked up with panic. My meds do not help with this.….Going to my first psychologist appt next week. Maybe some good will come out of it.
  7. Hello and healing wished your way! It is day two for me here… It is scary for me to talk on a web site like this, but I really want to trust these folks! Anyway, I wanted to say be well! I am, we all are, here...
  8. Paperwork is not fun, is it. Stay focused and strong. I am also new here and think this organization is going to be very helpful for me, I hope so for you too.
  9. Hello, I am taking my first steps also after years of being aware I was molested, but not knowing what really happened. Stay strong! So sorry you have to be here, too.
  10. i think coming here will be therapeutic. I understand how hard it is to take this step.
  11. Thank you for the welcomes, I wanted to say how hard it is to open up, but after reading through some posts and testimonials I feel like I have found a caring and supportive group where I can share my thoughts, I have been married a long time to a great man who I can kinda talk to, but I keep as much of my misery from him as I can. He called today while I was reading and posting, and caught me during a flashback and bad moment. He wanted to ask me for a favor and I was so overwhelmed with my ouwn moment that I could not focus and may have been tense with him about asking me to do anything. Lu
  12. Hello KungFu, you have been here, then you know I am shaking…tearing….and my heart is pounding. even as i am not alone, i instinctively feel that way. You describe me- it is just like that.. trying to figure out what else happened…and the memories I do have torment me. Glad to have a place to go and open up...
  13. I have been a member for a short while but have not posted. I am waiting on a PW to post in the Share My Story thread. I am a survivor of childhood molestation. Since I have been having flashbacks, my life has turned upside down. I need to make friends and talk out loud about what I am feeling.
  14. Think that I can post now...

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