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  1. Hi just sam, after reading this i felt, inspired, to do this for myself too, I hope you don't mind, i found reading yours inspiring, and helpful in a way, well done for sharing
  2. Caraaa


    I must say I was very confused when I was trying to sign up and it said "email address already in use" Thank you both for your kind words Take care
  3. Caraaa


    Hey! So I was browsing the web looking just for somewhere to get a bit of support and came across this site.. Not realising that I'd actaully joined nearly 7 years ago! 7 years to late for a little hello post! I'm Cara, most of the time I'm happy go lucky.. but I do sometimes get down about life, and I guess what helps me is reading other peoples stories and issue's and helping them.. Then that way I take my own advice a little bit too! I look forward to speaking to you all, take care, Cara
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